“Mercury” from the Azoth Series


Acrylic on masonite
Image: 60” x 48” x 1/4”
Shipped unframed

Ever since childhood, I have had a fascination with mystical symbolism as an invitation to decode the hidden meanings of my reality. Azoth was another word that Renaissance alchemists used for the “philosopher’s stone” — a mythical alchemical substance that promised both individual and collective transmutation to whomever managed to concoct it. The alchemists often used scientific metaphors to hint at cultural transformation. Azoth was said to be made of a mixture of salt, mercury, and sulfur.

Mercury, depicted in this painting, is the most unstable and toxic element in the mixture, which makes it the key ingredient to Azoth. An inverted figure in the “hanged man’s” pose appears to be falling into a world of geometric shapes. The Hanged Man is a Tarot symbol for someone who questions reality. The composition and proportions of the geometric shapes draw from ratios found in Sacred Geometry, which are said to represent all of existence stemming from a single aetherial source. From bottom to top, the paint becomes thicker to convey a sense of the transition from abstract geometry to a more visceral physical space.

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Dimensions60 × 48 in


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